Aransas County ISD is an independent county-wide school system serving a 486 square mile area including the communities of Holiday Beach, Lamar, Fulton, Rockport and the northern part of Aransas Pass. Today Aransas county has a combined population of 24,041. The enrollment of 3,316 students is served by Little Bay Primary School(grades PPCD-K), Live Oak 1-3 Learning Center(grades 1-3), Fulton 4-5 Learning Center(grades 4-5), Rockport-Fulton Middle School(grades 6-8), and Rockport-Fulton High School(grades 9-12). Aransas County ISD in partnership with family, student, school, and community, has high expectations for all students to be prepared to meet the challenges of an ever-changing global society. This mission is best accomplished by: A vast diffusion of knowledge to all students through Technology Communication Social and cultural understanding A promotion of healthy and productive lifestyles and citizenship A safe learning environment A realization of maximum student achievement by fostering student academic potential and meeting individual student needs. An educational system characterized by quality, equity and accountability Aransas County ISD believes that student preparation for a productive, fulfilling life is the obligation and responsibility of the family, student, school, and community. Fulfilling The ACISD Mission Aransas County ISD is a Recognized School District. The school's obligation to fulfill the mission begins at Little Bay Primary School, a campus designed for the district's youngest children-early childhood through Kindergarten. At Little Bay Primary School, the curriculum and instruction focuses mainly on reading, writing, and mathematics through thematic units developed by the teaching staff. The school provides programs that lay the foundation for future academic achievement. The first through thrid grade children attend Live Oak 1-3 Learning Center and fourth through fifth grade children attend Fulton 4-5 Learnin